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Northern Residential Precinct (NRP)

Community Consultation 2012

In the 2012 Community Consultation, concerns were raised by residents, to CoJ, the rezoning proposal could lead to the addition of 150 lots to the NRP.


CoJ unanimously rejected the proposal resulting in PEET approaching the WA Planning Commission (WAPC)


WAPC encouraged CoJ to accept the rezoning proposal, and when it wasn't,  PEET applied to the WA State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) and a SAT Hearing was convened in January 2014.


At the SAT hearing PEET presented an amended proposal capping the number of dwellings to 305 in the NRP.  The number of dwellings would then be no more than was permitted under the current Approved Burns Beach Structure Plan. 


CoJ voted unanimously in favour of this amended rezoning proposal.

Community Consultation 2021

In May 2021 the City of Joondalup issued a new Community Consultation regarding a PEET proposal to increase the number of lots in the Northern Residential Precinct to 360. The City of Joondalup has approved these amendments.

Existing and Modified Structure Plan Map.pdf

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