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Northern Residential Precinct

In February 2012, City of Joondalup undertook community consultation regarding a PEET proposal for re-zoning of the Northern Residential Precinct and also a smaller area in Burns Beach.






Unfortunately, the local community was generally unaware of the community consultation process (it was not well-publicised). Additionally the information made available at the time generally implied that the proposed rezoning was not significant.


Shortly before City of Joondalup Council voted regarding the rezoning proposal, it became apparent that the rezoning could lead to an additional 150 Lots in the Northern Residential Precinct. Several local residents then raised concerns to Council.


At the City of Joondalup Council Meeting on 17th April 2012, Council Members unanimously rejected the proposed rezoning in the Northern Residential Precinct.


However, PEET subsequently engaged with WA Planning Commission, and WAPC determined that City of Joondalup should accept the rezoning proposal.


At the City of Joondalup Council Meeting on 27th May 2013, Council Members voted by majority to reject the rezoning proposal.


Following this, PEET lodged an application with the WA State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) regarding the rezoning proposal.


On 29th January 2014, a SAT Hearing was convened.


At the City of Joondalup Council Meeting on 17th February 2014, Council Members considered an amendment to the rezoning proposal that was presented at the SAT hearing.


The basis of this amended rezoning proposal was that rezoning in the Northern Residential Precinct should be adopted, however a cap would be placed on the number of dwellings (305) that could be developed in the Northern Residential Precinct. The number of dwellings would then be no more than was permitted under the current Approved Burns Beach Structure Plan. 


Council Members voted unanimously in favour of this amended rezoning proposal.


In July 2014, City of Joondalup has confirmed that WAPC has approved the modified Structure Plan (i.e. WAPC has approved the amended rezoning proposal).

In May 2021 the City of Joondalup issued a new Community Consultation regarding a PEET proposal to increase the number of lots in the Northern Residential Precinct to 360. The City of Joondalup has approved these amendments.

In October 2021 titles were issued for Stage 15B enabling the 10 lots in this stage to commence settlement.

Stage 15A is anticipated to be completed in late January 2022 with handover to the City of Joondalup and titles expected to be issued in late February 2022.

The next development stage (south-east corner) is due to commence in March 2022 and will include an entry road and park.

Existing and Modified Structure Plan Map.pdf

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