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Beachside Park Cafe

The current approved Burns Beach Structure Plan includes provision for a Restaurant/Cafe Precinct.

2020 Community Consultation: 

The June 2018 approval had expired so CoJ initiated a Community Consultation in October 2020. The architectural design was substantially different from the previous approval. The planned patronage capacity was 163 (85 indoor and 78 outdoor), with provision for 65 street parking bays within 200m of the Cafe. These amendments were subsequently approved.

2021 Community Consultation: 

After consultation with the community, CoJ approved changes to the operating hours of the proposed cafe (06:00hrs - 22:00hrs).

2022 Community Consultation: 

Modifications to a previous approval resulted in changes to the patronage (maximum of 119 at any given time) and parking bays (18 additional on-street bays).

2024 Current: 

The property was sold on 5th November 2021. The area has now been fenced off and the new parking bays completed. We look forward to seeing works commence.

Updated: February 2024

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