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Burns Beach to Mindarie Dual-use Path


The existing coastal dual-use path that runs to the South from Burns Beach is extremely popular and heavily utilised.


In October 2016 the State Government made a financial commitment to finance the majority of the construction cost for extension of the path from that point. City of Joondalup and City of Wanneroo would be required to make a financial contribution to the construction and would be responsible for long-term maintenance.

City of Joondalup has completed its 2.35km section of the dual-use path extension in December 2019.

Tamala Park Regional Council is responsible for a 0.54km section of the dual-use path extension to connect with Catalina Estate and Mindarie. TPRC has completed construction of this section of the dual-use path extension.

PEET is responsible for extending the path as far as the Northern extent of Burns Beach Development (approximately 0.68km length). After extensive delays, PEET commenced construction in mid-2021 and BBRA understands that this section is likely to be completed in December 2021. 


BBRA has been advised that the dual-use pathway is to be delivered as a package of works with the next two residential stages (Stage 15A and 15B) with the extension of Beachside Drive to be completed in January 2022. With the completion of Stage 15A, the commencement of construction of Burleigh Park is expected to begin in March 2022, with an expected timeframe of 3 months.

In October 2021, PEET advised BBRA that construction of the dual-use path is now scheduled for completion in mid-to-late January and will be open to the public in late February/early March.

Please refer to the attached documents for further information.


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