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Pedestrian Crossing (Marmion Avenue)


BBRA has been lobbying for improved pedestrian crossing facility at the roundabout (Grand Ocean Entrance/Marmion Avenue). Given that there are no schools in Burns Beach, school children must leave the suburb to attend school. To attend schools in Kinross, school children potentially have to cross Marmion Avenue in peak traffic. This is currently generally considered by most parents to be unsafe.

In late-November 2015 City of Joondalup made available a document detailing five pedestrian crossing options. This document is attached. For each option the pro's and con's are listed. A recommendation was made for a signalised pedestrian crossing (Option 4). BBRA is supportive of the signalised pedestrian crossing recommendation as this will provide a safe means of pedestrian crossing,


City of Joondalup sought approval from Main Roads WA for the installation of a signalised pedestrian crossing. The pedestrian crossing has been installed and became operational in February 2020.

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