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Who We Are

  • An Association representing the Burns Beach Local Community.

  • We are recognised by City of Joondalup as representing the Burns Beach local community.

  • An Association with an elected Committee of local residents that actively runs the Association for the benefit of the local community.

  • An Association with a substantial Membership group.


What We Do

  • Operate in compliance with the WA "Associations Incorporation Act 2015".

  • Bring the "original" and "new" Burns Beach communities together.

  • Hold Monthly Public Meetings.

  • Invite local council members and PEET to attend the Monthly Meetings on a regular basis.

  • Issue approved Minutes of Monthly Meetings to all Members.

  • Hold Community Events to promote Community participation.

  • Aim to grow (and maintain) membership level to at least 50% of local residents.

  • Aim to maintain Membership with no annual Membership fee.

  • Operate and administer a BBRA Facebook Group Page.

  • Aim to influence stakeholders (City of Joondalup, PEET Limited, State and Federal Parliament, Main Roads WA etc.) on matters relevant to the local community.

  • Operate on a cost-effective basis.

  • Utilise the skills and resources of the Committee and Members to further the aims of the Association.

  • Share the workload between all Committee Members.

  • Identify relevant issues and develop action plans to address each issue in a timely manner.

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